What is the foundational key to all success?……..Communication…with yourself and others!

In this presentation they will learn how to Effectively Communicate and Influence Anyone!
In the past 25 years a new model of communication and excellence has risen in the field of human behavior, a science that rapidly breaks down the components between what we think, what we understand and how we behave. An answer to communication challenges.

Most people believe the words we speak are the primary source of our interaction. Based on clinical studies conducted over the past 30 years, 93% of our communication is accomplished on a non-verbal level and almost all of it is achieved unconsciously. Yet we invariably continue to communicate by appealing to their conscious awareness.

Have you ever been ‘in sync’ or felt a connection with another human being? A magical moment where you were connected with someone on a level beyond words. That connection or commonality is Rapport! Simply put, the ability to create trust in others. The fact is we’ve all experienced Rapport in one form or another, though we may not have understood how or why it works. But, there are recognizable steps in building Rapport which can easily be learned. For example; tonality of voice and body language, which send subliminal (93%) messages that are picked up in the subconscious mind.

What would happen if you could obtain rapport with anyone in minutes?
Imagine putting yourself into a resourceful state of mind at anytime?
Imagine being able to actually HEAR what others are unconsciously telling you?

The information we offer is useful for those in sales, human resources, and education, as managers, counselors, therapists or those seeking to enhance their personal growth.

Create instant rapport with others
– Handle upset customers and employees easily
– questions that’ll allow you to influence how they respond
– Naturally put yourself in an optimal state of mind
– Gain control over negotiations
– Engage in win-win communications for results

Whether you are looking to gain the upper hand in negotiations or are just looking to improve your confidence in talking with anyone at anytime. Our training information will allow you to communicate more effectively in your personal and professional life!


Great sales people are flexible and change their style to match the needs of their prospects!

Selling is not just the ability to positively influence others; it’s also to assist them in getting what they emotionally desire.  People buy logically, but justify it emotionally…  it’s unstanding their emotional buying habits!

Studies have shown us that over 80% of products and services sold are so because of the relationship created, NOT the product or service. With our training skills, your staff will quickly gain the trust or (Rapport) of virtually everyone they choose to influence. 93% of communication is created at a non-verbal, subconscious level. Our first step in creating powerful communication skills is to have you watch, listen, and feel what your clients responds to, then influence those non-verbal, subconscious signals of body language.

You’ll also learn how to obtain your clients emotional desires by asking just one simple question, which you will then know how they want to be sold to. Imagine learning advanced language skills that allow you to talk directly to your prospects subconscious mind. Imagine knowing how your clients buy. Now, some of these powerful tools are based on hypnotic language patterns, which flow with your prospects conscious buying patterns.

Great sales people are flexible and change their presentation style to match the needs of their prospects, which they will influence. Selling is not just the ability to positively influence others; it’s also to assist them in reaching what they emotionally desire. When you have the ability to influence anyone, anywhere, at anytime you’ll literally open up the floodgates to potential business.

Our interactive training’s combines NLP, Hypnosis and Neuro-Semantics, which are some of the most powerful modeling techniques ever discovered. Perhaps you’ve heard of these influential techniques’s, yet haven’t decided to call. Now you and your staff can easily learn to persuade with integrity and feel really good about doing so. We take the process of selling and break it down into a step-by-step procedure that anyone can master.

LISTEN to this “LIVE” 30 Minute Sales Training:

– What would happen if you could obtain rapport with anyone in minutes?
– Imagine putting yourself into a resourceful selling state of mind at anytime.
– How easy will you sell when you know HOW to persuade them emotionally?
– Imagine if you were unstoppable? And had fun doing it, how great is this?

You’ll discover how to:

– Create instant rapport with prospects
– How to maintain client loyalty
– Ask questions to put your clients mind to work for you
– Naturally put yourself in a peak state of mind
– Gain control over your client’s emotions
– Engage in win-win communications that produce results

Our focus is not to teach you how to sell, but give you the ability to see what’s going on inside your prospects mind and we don’t just want to give you powerful communication skills, we want you to engage in having a million dollar mindset, one where whatever you can imagine, is yours, right NOW!


Learning to Speak Up with Power & influence is now a more necessary resource in today’s economic business environment. Control your emotions and over-come fears to get what you want!

What if they could learn to speak up with power and express their needs more confidently, where will they or the business be then? What if, just by listening to this presentation they learned just one simple technique that increased your business just 10% this year? Would that make a difference in their lives and the life of the company?

This powerful speech (which can be incorporated with my on-line training system) is one of the easiest and simple ways to learn how to speak up with POWER! Why, because I’ve tested these methods and techniques over and over again interacting with others from negotiating to teaching lie-detection skills to the US Army, to the heart of American businesses. I learned the hard way; trial and error! I’ve spent my entire speaking career learning what has worked for businesses and individuals just like the individuals attending this presentation.

Now, they you can have it all too! All my resources and invaluable information so they can begin to take control and learn to speak confidently and powerfully. This program gives them just that, the tools to make yourself heard, influence others and to get what YOU WANT!

Can you imagine being able to build INSTANT rapport with anyone?
Producing a compelling feeling inside of others to
CHARM and ATTRACT them to YOUR business?

Wouldn’t your staff or employees like to have UNSHAKABLE confidence whenever they NEED IT? Imagine them feeling those feelings of certainty and conviction all the time! Be able to walk into any situation and FEEL sure of themselves, in a presentation, sales meeting, negotiation, no matter what.

– They’ll be able to develop verbal WORD POWER when they speak?
– Use the persuasive authority of words to
MOVE and MOTIVATE others.

– Wouldn’t it be great if others LISTENED to your ideas and opinions?
– Now they’ll feel COMPELLED to pay attention when you do talk!
– How would you like them to learn Hypnotic Language Patterns to covertly INFLUENCE competition?
– Seduce and persuade someone else’s way of thinking by speaking to their UN-conscious mind!

Haven’t you and your staff always been interested in being able to read and interpret body language ACCURATELY? Know what others are REALLY thinking by HOW they gesture and move their body, hands and even their eyes! Imagine what it will feel like when others ‘all-of-a-sudden’ think how “lucky” you’ve become. Your people will begin to get more of what they want, have the ability to talk to anyone and become more successful in their job!

Why learning to Speak Up with Power & influence is now more than ever a
necessary resource in today’s economic and financial conditions!

All you have to do is take a look around at the state of our nation, or the world for that matter. You’ve got to be thinking how YOU CAN SUCCEED under such chaotic economic conditions? Well, the fact is, and history provides us with plenty of evidence that some of the most successful barons and tycoons have prospered from gloomy financial circumstances. They understood that having the confidence, stepping out of their comfort zone and the ability to articulate their needs was the “primary” skill they needed.

Is your staff, employee’s, or YOU for that matter
you want to be in your career/life?

Do me a favor right now. Take a moment, and just imagine what business would be like if they did learn how to speak up with anyone with this simple program? Does that feel good doesn’t it?

They’ll learn as I guide them through the entire program step-by-step, until they’re a master communicator!
Because when you’re ready to hire me; you, your business and your staff will…

– Have people LISTEN to your ideas
– Speak UP in meetings and discussions
– Build social/business relationships FASTER
– Speak with more CLARITY and precision
– Motivate yourself and others to GET THINGS DONE
– Develop a DEEP understanding of behavior
– Speak CONFIDENTLY in front of a room
– Learn the key DRIVING force of producing results
– Achieve your goals more QUICKLY
– Develop emotional power to MOVE through obstacles
– Know the RIGHT thing to say when you need it
– Ooze with confidence when you walk into a room
– Have more ENERGY to get more done daily

What are you waiting for, you KNOW this is something that they need! Can YOU make the decision or do you need others to confer with that this will be a great presentation for your event? Only YOU CAN decide if this works for you, right?