Radio Hosts

Thank you for taking a brief moment of your time into making your show the best it can be with one of the best guests you’ll have invited on. Yes, it’s a bold statement, but I have delivered time and again. You want someone who’ll make YOU sound sensational and make your listeners wanting MORE. And I PROMISE, I am your man!

The sincerest form of praise comes to me from the hundreds of client testimonials expressing their appreciation for the humor, support and information I have provided them. Decide for yourself, it’s truly simple…. its about YOU and YOUR SHOW, lets make it the best it can be. Please call me (818) 879-2000

Logistical Questions:

  • What is the name you will be using on the radio?
    John James Santangelo C.Ht.
  • What is your website / phone number? or (888) NLP – Coach
  • What Product/Service will you be offering?
    A. Results Coaching – 3 session minimum.
    B. Kindle ebook – “Setting Goals; Worksheet, Theory and S.M.A.R.T. goals” – $2.99
    C. “Speak Up With Power” system – $497. ( FOR YOUR LISTENERS ONLY $97. )
    ( instant download – 101 Pg. manual, 6 CD/MP3’s and daily exercises )
  • What is the price point?
    A. Results Coaching – 3 session minimum / $150. Hr
    B. Kindle ebook – “Setting Goals; Worksheet, Theory and S.M.A.R.T. goals” – $2.99
    C. “Speak Up With Power” system – $497. ( FOR YOUR LISTENERS ONLY $97. )
    ( instant download – 101 Pg. manual, 6 CD/MP3’s and daily exercises )
  • How will client purchase this?
    Through website –
  • What is the main theme/message you wish to get across to the listeners?
    Communication Mastery… The ability to influence yourself and others
    so you’re able to get all your want!
  • Who is your target market?
    Sales People, HR, Business Owners, Teachers, Trainers, Speakers, Coaches
  • What are the best phone number and email for the producers to reach you?
    Office – (818) 879-2000  /   Email –

Before the last commercial break I ask your listeners to get pencil and paper to write down the
three tips I guarantee they’ll want to know when we return. These three simple tips will make
the difference between success and failure in their lives!

Guest Host Questions:

  • So John, you’re an clinical hypnotherapist and an NLP trainer?
  • What is NLP? Hypnosis?
  • I read you worked with the US Army Counter-Intelligence team?
  • What do you think is the biggest challenge we face daily?
  • What are some of the things people do to sabotage themselves?
  • What’s the secret then out of all this?
  • You do one-on-one business coaching?

Bio and Media information:

Name: John James Santangelo C.Ht.

Hometown: Agoura Hills, Southern California

Biography: John James Santangelo C.Ht., nationally acclaimed speaker, author, seminar leader, and executive business coach, has been a guiding force in empowering individuals, businesses, and corporations to excel at peak performance. John is a foremost authority in success principles and expert in the field of communication, an NLP trainer, and clinical hypnotherapist. He has worked with companies such as The Learning Annex, Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept., Trump Network, Mary Kay Inc, Multiple-Sclerosis Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation Well-Point, Xerox, RE/MAX Realtors,
the Teamsters Union, and the US Army counter-intelligence team.

Whether you’re looking to fulfill short/long term goals, increase your sales performance, or conduct corporate sales/communication training’s, John can help you achieve the next level of success!

For information on hiring John – or call (888) NLP-COACH

Book Description: “Asking the right question is half the answer.” Aristotle (384-322 BC)
I wrote this book, 101 questions to renew your thinking, focus your intent, and improve the quality of your life.  Formulating more empowering questions will allow the answers to come quickly and easily, which is the key to unlock the door to all possibilities.”

Past Interviews:

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Burbank, CA. / September 2007

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Brisbane, Australia  /  May 2005

“Harmony In Hypnosis”
Stress-Reduction  / 10 min clip

“Harmony In Hypnosis”
Self-Esteem  /  10 min clip

“Introduction to NLP”
LIVE workshop  /  15 min clip